Here are a few specialty tools that we use and
recommend for working with copper.
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Wiss M-300 Shear
Our favorite hand shear for copper strap.

This 3" compound action straight-cut shear cuts
through 2" copper strap in one squeeze.  A couple of
squeezes and you're through 4" strap!   
This is the one we use every day in the shop!
Made In USA
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Roper Whitney No. 5 Jr. Punch
Drilling holes in copper strap can be tricky!
Don't drill copper strap or sheet.  Punch it!
This kit includes punches & dies in the following
sizes:  3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32".
Made In USA
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Economy Sheet Metal Punch
This punch is just like the Roper Whitney punch
above, but is made in Taiwan.   I've used both - The
Roper Whitney makes a slightly cleaner hole, and the
Roper Whitney seems better built.  But this economy
version is okay for light duty occasional use.  It gets
the job done.... at a lower price.
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Malco 3" Sheet Metal Tool
This handy hand-held tool can help you bend, fold,
flatten, or hold copper strap or copper sheet.  It's like
pliers, but with compound action for plenty of power,
and 3-inch wide carbon-steel jaws.  (Be aware...  
There are cheaper versions on the market with
die-cast jaws.)
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Malco 6" Sheet Metal Tool

Same as above, but with 6-inch wide jaws.  
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